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Domestic and Office Cleaning Specialists

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Facilities Maintenance Cleaning

The Cleaner Clean team supply a professional cleaning service for your premises

Nature of business

Cleaner Clean is committed to providing equal opportunities to existing and potential members of staff. Work undertaken includes cleaning and maintenance of both exterior or interior of premises as per contract. Employees are required to work to an acceptable standard in the work place and comply with all standard health and safety policies of  both Cleaner Clean and such health and safety policies as the customer of Cleaner Clean may have in place.

Health and Safety Policy

Cleaner Clean is committed to protection of both employees , customers , work colleagues and the general public and will take all reasonable care to reduce risk by  compliance with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 , Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999,  Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations, COSHH and all such statutory legislation and approved codes of practice as may be in force.

Staff training

Cleaner Clean is committed to training  of  employees to carry out work procedures safely and with skill within a safe working environment.


Risk Assessment

Cleaner Clean operates a risk assessment policy prior to carrying out any work operation and will liase with the customer to ensure all operations are carried out with minimum risk to staff , customers , general public , and the environment..

Typical Risk Assessment for use of Steam and Water Pressure Cleaner
* Do Not direct the jet at any person.

* A Residual Current Device (RCD) should be fitted at the mains supply point and should be protected from splashes of water

* Care of the electrical cable should be ensured

* The machine should be used on level ground in a well drained are and spillages should be avoided.

* External checks of equipment , cable, and hoses, should be made daily and before use.

* A machine which appears defective should not be used

* Protective clothing should be worn when using the equipment



COSHH - Care of Substances Hazardous to Health

Many potentially harmful substances are used in the cleaning industry. Substances that are hazardous to health may be labelled as dangerous , toxic , harmful , or corrosive.

Cleaning Chemicals should only be used where supplied in approved and labelled containers which have been assessed in accordance with COSHH and used in accordance with instructions.

Cleaning Chemicals should only be stored in an approved area when not in use

Do not Smoke , Eat , or Drink around hazardous substances.

Protective clothing should be worn in accordance with the nature of the product being used.

Method Statement and Safe Working Procedures

Accident Reporting

The reporting of Injuries , Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences 1995 (Riddor) will be observed and approved code of practice procedures followed when reporting accidents or dangerous occurrences.

Any non-injury accidents will be recorded so that preventative measures can be undertaken to prevent repeat occurrence.

Waste Disposal Policy

All wastes shall be disposed of with care and  in accordance with appropriate procedures. We actively encourage recycling and green use of recycled prodcts. Trade wastes will not be transported from work sites without use of a registered waste carrier for which additional fees may apply.

Ethical Policy

Cleanerclean Services Shropshire operates an ethical policy which is to ensure legal compliance with anti-slavery legislation (Modern Slavery Act 2015 and code of practice) and avoid slavery , servitude, forced labour, or international human trafficking.

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Our Values

MISSION: Customer Satisfaction

OBJECTIVE: Our objective is to provide a reliable customer focussed service business in compliance with good standards of customer care. We are not an agency. We have public liability insurance tailored directly to domestic and office cleaning services.

Cleaner Clean Professional Cleaners value your repeat custom and our company policy is to provide hardworking trustworthy and reliable cleaners at a fair price. Cleaner Clean aim to provide First Class Cleaning Services so that you will recommend us.